DS Fanboy Tony Hawk contest: honorable mentions

Our contest has concluded and as we literally sift through all of the entries, attempting to find pockets of air in order to keep from suffocating as we do so, we've come up with a pair of winners and several honorable mentions. We've done the appropriate inclusion of the honorable mentions into the post, past the jump, so check them out and be sure to keep your eyes here for the announcement of our winner and runner-up later on today.

The above submission, from reader David Boone, shows us that while we currently give thanks for food, the pilgrims and native Americans of time's past appreciated gnarly grinds and long rails.

We enjoy puns, so Bacon's entry of a nose grind is something we easily laughed at.

Reader Josh Wilhelm's DS seems to be magical, causing Tony Hawk to leap from the confines of Josh's dual-screened beauty and grind the fat lip of his DS. Make sure you wax that DS first Tony!