Bringing your notebook doodles to life (finally): SketchFighter

We reported a year ago that Ambrosia's game team was looking for folks to help in the beta development of the retro-looking, paper and ink space shooter SketchFighter, and now it's finally here. Ambrosia releasedSketchFighter 4000 Alpha earlier this week, and in a day and age where next-gen consoles are all you'll read about, this is a great little game with graphics so simple, it'll surprise you how much fun it is.

It's literally like the little space battle scenes you doodled on the back of your math homework came to life and sucked you in. You can even game online with a friend or in person, where you get two ships that are tethered together, a bit like the old vector-based Space Wars arcade game.

Head over to Ambrosia and download the demo. In a rare twist of fate, it's Mac only, sorry folks. This is good enough for a console download port though, so cross your fingers and send Ambrosia some mail, stat.