Nintendo promises four VC games every Monday

After a bit of an inconsistentstart, Nintendo has finally decided to standardize the release of classic game downloads on the Wii's Shop Channel. Starting this week, the company will make available four virtual console downloads every Monday at 9 a.m. Pacific time. The following titles will be available on Dec. 4:

  • Donkey Kong Jr. (500 Wii points - NES*)

  • Victory Run (600 points - TG-16)

  • Columns (800 points - Genesis)

  • Ristar (800 points - Genesis)

While we're happy to see Nintendo add some regularity to the release of new content, we can't help but wonder why there have been so few SNES and N64 games announced for the virtual console thus far. Is Nintendo trying to hook new users with lower-priced, older games, or are they just reluctant to put out downloads that require a Gamecube pad or a somewhat-hard-to-find classic controller? Or neither. Or both. Or something else! Hooray for rhetorical questions!

* - Mistakenly listed in the press release as SNES

[Via Gaming Bits]