Rumor: Apple prepping ultra-thin MacBook Pro

MacScoop, aka MacOSXRumors, claims to have reliable sources confirming that Apple is in the final development stages for an ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook Pro sub-notebook. Details are sketchy, as they tend to be with these kinds of rumors, but here's what you can get your hopes up about:

The new portable would be, as the term "ultra-thin" implies, lighter and thinner than the current MacBook Pros, but will still have all the frills you've come to expect from a rumor. like a dual-core CPU, widescreen aspect ratio and a built-in SuperDrive. The price tag is undefined, but allegedly well-informed people say the Apple sub-notebook would be priced around $1700-$1800 and you can expect to see it in stores sometime between now and, oh let's say... the year 2099.

While I might be the first in line to buy such an animal, should it ever come to fruition, there is simply nothing in this "report" that makes it a viable rumor, in my opinion, other than the fact that it's a given that Apple is constantly striving to do new things and is always developing new products, some of which actually make it to market. It's perfectly logical to think that Apple might want to trim some fat from their notebook lineup. The technology circle of life is almost always "make it faster, smaller, lighter, cheaper - and sooner, rather than later." Why confuse matters by turning that inevitability into a top-secret rumor? This just smacks of publicity-seeking wishful thinking to me. And there aren't even any fancy Photoshop mockups to go with it! Shame on me for even mentioning it...