DLO kicks out video-playing HomeDock Pro for your iPod

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.05.06

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DLO kicks out video-playing HomeDock Pro for your iPod
Following the natural progression of DLO docking solutions, the company has now unveiled a HomeDock that pipes video from dock connecting iPods (including the nanos) to your TV screen or monitor. While DLO hasn't skimped on the amount of iPod-compatible goodies it's pumped out, the HomeDock Pro steps it up a notch by allowing you to navigate your music, playlist, and video menus right on your television, and they also include a 18-button remote to keep you seated while scrolling through your shows. Aside from docking / charging your Appleicious PMP, the device also sports "discrete on / off," standby mode, and a diagnostic mode in case things go awry. Unfortunately there's no pricing information to speak of just yet, but this one ought to hit store shelves here before too long.

[Via iLounge]
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