Wiimote attacks TV weak point for massive damage

Just like drugs and alcohol, there's nothing quite as fun/dangerous as mixing internet memes, but that headline was just too much fun to resist. The picture above is apparently the result of a Wii Sports bowling mishap by a certain Tyler, who we hear can lift small cars with merely his right hand. Tyler, who normally bowls with a clockwise spin, and eats a dozen eggs for breakfast every morning, tried to mix it up with a bit of counterclockwise action, to the disastrous effect as seen above. While we're still pretty dang skeptical of the possibility of such a feat, Tyler's friend is quite adamant about the honesty of the story and the un-stagedness of the picture, so we've decided to take him at his word and write it off as just another Festivus miracle. Oh, and just for the record: after popping the battery cover back on, the Wiimote worked just fine, continuing the current streak of zero Wiimote casualties in related incidents.