Dual-screen cellphone prototype: two great tastes that taste great together

Dual-screen cellphones are nothing new, after all, flips have long offered anemic external displays for caller ID and the like with a bigger, higher resolution screen on the inside for taking care of business. Still, two folding screens emerging as one bigazz display a la the 701 ThinkPad's butterfly keyboard would be a welcome addition, right? Seok Hong Jeong thinks so and is presenting his "dual LCD mobile phone" prototype at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2006 in Korea. He's already applied for patents in "overseas markets" which we presume means the USPTO among other freewheelin' entities. Godspeed sir, and please get Sammy on the horn for a couple of those 0.82-mm slim LCD's they like to brag about -- let's keep the bulk down, eh?