Sony's BD remote control for PS3 reviewed

Sony's BD remote control went on sale Thursday in Japan for ¥3,600 (about $31), and AV Watch took one for a spin with a Blu-ray disc as soon as they could. We're going to have to enjoy their review for now via Google's translation service, which means that we may have missed some of the finer points that were garbled by machine translation. First, in order to use it, you're going to need the 1.3 firmware update, and the reviewer also cautions that you can't use more than one remote with a particular PS3, nor can you use multiple PS3s with one remote, because you have to pair them as you would any other Bluetooth device. From what we can tell, the remote seems to operate just like any other, but of course given that it has Bluetooth, it also packs a range of 10 meters (32 feet). Another neat feature is the fact that the remote has a battery monitor, so those days of trying to smack the batteries to squeeze just a little more juice out of them are over. While the reviewer felt that the remote was a bit high priced at $31, it might be worth it because it's pretty much the only alternative unless you want to try to watch a movie with the controller that isn't really designed as a proper remote. Now when are us Yanks going to get one to try for ourselves?