Vista Activation Server hackers: 1, Microsoft: 0

With Microsoft putting all of its Vista eggs in one DVD, signified by a figurative basket, they've painted a nice big red target on that Vista Activation Server of theirs: break through that and those bazillion dollar OS licenses are there for the taking. Well, to use the proper terminology, nothing much has been hacked yet: Microsoft's staunch Vista security is still holding fast, but some clever workarounds have emerged, which have some, erm, sub-ethical users running around with free copies of Windows Vista Business and Enterprise. The scam is to set up the actual Volume Activation 2.0 app -- which hasn't even been released on the up and up yet -- inside of VMware, tricking your Biz or Enterprise version of Vista to think it's approved for another 180 days of use, thanks to the wonders of local server-based Volume Licensing. There are still some problems with this workaround, since a Windows Genuine Advantage check could still spot such illicit license keys, and of course there's the fact that you have to sync up with your hax0red Volume Activation server every few months, but with the "resourcefulness" already on display by the hacker community in its fight against Vista licensing fees -- AKA stealing. Thanks, mom -- it doesn't look like Microsoft is going to have an easy fight here.

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