Volvo's "City Safety" detects collisions, can steer out of the way

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|12.08.06

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Volvo's "City Safety" detects collisions, can steer out of the way
Volvo has just come out with its own version of collision detection technology, calling it "City Safety," and aims to release this new feature on some models within two years. The technology works via an optical radar in the upper windshield that calculates the distance and speed of the car immediately ahead of you (and it does it 50 times per second), then engages the brakes accordingly if the system detects that a crash is imminent. Of course, Toyota came out with a similar setup that was announced back in August, but Volvo's apparently has the added benefit of being able to "steer away from a potential collision" as well. We weren't really into the idea of turning over braking control to computers at first, either, but steering? We'll stick to walking, thanks.

[Via Gizmag]
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