Kleer wireless audio claims 10x battery life advantage over Bluetooth

The days of Bluetooth-based audio headsets that run out of juice halfway through a tune (or for that matter, the Engadget Podcast) could soon be over if a company called Kleer is successful. A few days ago the company announced its Kleer Audio -- see what they did there? -- range of RF wireless modules that send CD-quality audio over the air using so little power as to give a claimed ten times battery advantage over comparable Bluetooth solutions. Currently the technology is only available to interested consumer electronics OEMs, meaning that it could be a while until we see the technology in any sort of physical product, and bringing with it the prospect of having to adopt another wireless standard at some point in the future. Hopefully you'll forgive us for even thinking of mentioning this, but for anyone who fancies a quick lapse into the land of outlandish iPod / iPhone rumors, then might we suggest you take a quick peek at the location of Kleer's headquarters -- ring a bell? Yeah, we already said we were sorry!