MicroDisplay planning to shake up 1080p LCoS HDTV market

We're all about driving down prices, thus we're all about MicroDisplay's apparent plans to break the LCoS market wide open when it starts throwing down at CES. The Silicon Valley startup has hopes to deliver "50-inch plus" LCoS sets to "major big box retailers" under "major CE brand names" soon after unveiling its product line in just about a month. The firm is banking on the skyrocketing HD sales, not to mention the phasing out of CRT-based sets, to propel its single-chip sets atop the market. By developing self-proclaimed "unique and proprietary 1080p LCoS digital projection imaging devices," the company is aiming to mass produce a 50-inch model with a lightning quick response time for "under $1,500." Taking a note from Philips' single-chip motif, the sets would eventually range from 50- to 62-inches, with most sets hitting retails floors "around summer 2007."