Memory Stick PRO-HG announced: 3x faster than Pro DUO, compatible

Oh joy, Sony and SanDisk just announced a new PRO-HG Memory Stick format. The latest format is theoretically capable of delivering 32GB cards touting a continuous write speed of up to 60MB/sec; the same max capacity as the PRO Duo format but three times faster -- ideal for rapid shot modes on DSLRs or for capturing the action in real-time on direct to flash HD video recorders. Unlike the competing SDHC format's inability to work in legacy SD devices, PRO-HG is just an extension of the Memory Stick Pro format so the cards can be used interchangeably. However, PRO-HG media will function as PRO cards in PRO-only devices. In other words, you'll lose the speed advantage brought by that swank new 8-bit parallel interface. Expect to see cards and devices launched at CES in January.

[Via Impress]