Coming soon: DIY laser hair removal

It looks like its booming days for the hair-removal business, with Philips recently scoring a patent for its light-based razor technology and Palomar now snagging the all-important FDA approval needed to market its StarLux laser hair removal system for home use. It's not the first time the company's done the FDA dance, however, initially getting the go-ahead to start eradicating unwanted body hair in 1997, although the technology was strictly was limited to professional use at that time. This new home version apparently boasts the same core technology that the pros use, employing pulses of intense light emitted into the hair follicles to wipe 'em out and prevent new hair from growing. What's not so clear is when the system will actually be available to the general public, or how much it'll cost, although it will apparently be an over-the-counter deal.

[Via Medgadget]