Corsair launches 16GB Flash Voyager drive

Looks like pirate-loving Corsair is the latest to join the16GBclub, bumping up its trademark Flash Voyager thumb drive to that magical number while still keeping the physical size of the drive in line with earlier models. While it gets a boost in storage (though we're sure it still won't be enough for some), this latest USB drive does take a slight hit in performance compared to some of the company's leaner options, garnering a 22MB/sec read time and 7MB/sec write time. Also, as with other Flash Voyager models, the drive comes equipped with Corsair's "True Crypt" security measures, and has an all-rubber casing and "water-resistant properties" -- all the better for pirates moonlighting as graphic designers, we suppose. This one's available now for $299, which includes a ten year warranty and a stylish lanyard.

[Via The Inquirer]