IRiver's S7 previewed, long live the choat!

The iriver S7 is alive, and it's brown, and small... iPod shuffle small as you can see from that pic above. The display-less S7 measures in at 40 x 32 x 9.6-mm / 15-g compared to the shuffle's 41 x 27 x 10.5-mm / 15.5-g. However, unlike the shuffle's integrated clip, the S7 dangles from a lanyard in choice of five colors. What's more, the chicken-goat (choat... gicken?) and leg-raising-dog come standard issue on every player -- that's no skin, son. Yeah, c|net was surprised too. For whatever reason, the animals represent volume controls whereas the humans muster up the sense to fast forward or reverse your ASF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA audio. Don't worry, as we mentioned yesterday, there are plenty of skins you can apply to the faceplate. Oddly (as if it could get any stranger), c|net says there isn't a way to pause playback or preset FM radio stations. That's ok, their full report is coming so maybe they'll figure it out. Stay tuned as they say. More pics after the break.

[Thanks, Misticriver Fanboy]