Sharp's AQUOS LC-32GS is "world's first" 1080p 32-inch LCD: why?

We've seen more than our share of 32-inch panels pushing a 1366x768 pixel resolution. Fine, that works. However, just as pixel-count sells digital cameras, it unfortunately also sells HDTVs to the uninitiated. So, along comes Sharp with their grand hopes of re-directing your fat wad into their coffers with this, the "Full HD" LC-32GS from the AQUOS G series. According to Sharp, this is the industry's first (to ship) 32-inch 1920x1080 LCD TV. That's right, 1080p which most will find a waste of pixel density (and almighty dollars) at that screen size and typical viewing distance. No doubt, this set does bring the specs: that "world's highest" 2000:1 contrast ratio we've seen on other ASV panels, 450cd/m2 brightness, 176-degree visibility, 6-ms response, integrated digital/analog terrestrial tuners, and a sweet bevy of jacks including 2x HDMI with Familink support, 2x Japanese D4, 2x S-Video, 4x composite, and a much appreciated DVI-I input for digitally tethering your computer and making use of those extra pixels. Ships December 22nd in Japan with either a pair of side mounted, or single under-bezel speaker for -- get this -- a 32-inch premium price of ¥280,000 (about $2,395). Expect to hear rest-of-world dates and prices any day now.

[Via Impress]