Engadget alum wants to laser-etch your gadgets

We're big fans of laser-etched gadgetry, and heck, we're big fans of former Engadget editor Phil Torrone, too. That's why when we heard that the two were finally coming together for fun and profit, well, we were pretty much overjoyed. According to CNET, Torrone and Limor Fried, a former fellow at the tech-focused art studio Eyebeam R&D, have joined forces to create Adafruit, a new open-source laser-etching company in New York. (It's open-source in that PT is giving away the business plan for free to all comers). For $30, they'll do up your iPod or cellphone real nice, and for $100 they'll put your laptop under the laser. Torrone said that while the service is currently limited to the Big Apple for now, he plans on expanding to San Francisco and other locations next year. And yes, that tarsier-engraved PowerBook is PT's very own machine.