Lockheed Martin announces "centralized controller" for UAVs

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|12.13.06

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Lockheed Martin announces "centralized controller" for UAVs
Lockheed Martin has just completed testing a new "centralized controller device for unmanned air and ground vehicles." This new gadget can guide up to four systems, be they UAVs or UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles). Using a touchscreen laptop and a "hand controller" (we'll assume that's a joystick), the company was able to test landing and launching UAVs and UGVs of all sizes. Of course, once this is integrated with Raytheon's five-monitor UAV setup (ha, that'll be the day), Lockheed Martin could probably devote one unmanned vehicle per monitor, and have one to spare for reading Engadget.

[Via Gizmag]
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