Raytheon announces new UAV cockpit setup

It's probably a safe bet that no Engadget editor is ever going to get five monitors as much as we might want 'em. Sadly, it appears that the only way we'd ever get to regularly work in front of that many LCDs is is to become a UAV operator, using one of the new "cockpits" just announced by military contractor Raytheon. According to Raytheon's press release, the new "Universal Control System" consists of five LCDs, a couple joysticks, a keyboard, and a nice leather chair. But beyond that, we're not really sure exactly what makes it so "revolutionary" -- perhaps they know something that requires a higher security clearance that they're not telling us. That being said, the day that we actually do get five displays up in here, we'll market it as a "revolutionary" blogging tool, too.