Microsoft takes a swipe at Apple's "I'm a Mac" ads

Like you, we've seen a number of spoofs of the "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" ads. But most of them just make fun of the whole concept, rather than take on Apple, or a particular Apple product, directly. Well, Microsoft's just produced yet another rather clever parody pitting a Zune-toting PC with an iPod-carrying Mac, and apparently screened the ad at a recent company meeting. The sticking point is how "difficult" it is to get music onto the iPod versus how "simple" it is on the Zune. Not that we think the iPod is a paragon of usability, but we can't not bring up the fact that we'd love to see Microsoft live up to its claim and really make getting music as easy as pushing a single button. Anyway, you can catch the video on the next page.