Researchers create super-sensitive robotic hand

It looks like the ability to grab a can of beans wasn't enough to satisfy those mad scientists at the University of Southampton, who promptly went back to work in the lab to create an even more dexterous and sensitive robotic hand, one that'll let its human controller (or eventual autonomous robot overlord) pick up delicate objects without having to worry about breaking or dropping them. The big advance here, as New Scientist reports, is a set of pressure sensors fitted onto each fingertip that automatically determine the correct amount of pressure to apply, as well as set of so-called "slip-detectors," which can detect even slight amounts of slippage and correct the grip before the object falls crashing to the floor. Eventually, the researchers hope amputees will be able to take advantage of the hand, even linking it directly to their brain. It the meantime, however, 'ol Grippy here will likely continue to defend its undefeated streak in the sport of nerd-machine arm wrestling.