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Electrolux unveils "vacuum shoe" concept

In an announcement sure to cause lazypeople everywhere to raise their arms ever so slightly in glee, home appliance manufacturer Electrolux has revealed a "vacuum shoe" concept model. In order to accommodate the electric motor -- and store all the crap that you've left on your floor -- the concept design features a rather thick and ugly sole reminiscent of Cosmo Kramer's basketball sneakers, so you probably wouldn't want to do much walking outdoors in them. Seeing as this is just a concept model that's at least a couple of testing stages away from a real product, we wouldn't be surprised if the real model was even more "visually challenged." No matter, because a device that completes chores without the owner knowingly doing them is effectively impossible to price, although that doesn't mean Electrolux won't try. And if the vacuum shoe does manage to make it out of testing, it probably won't ship for a while: in other words, don't say we didn't warn you if the excuse of leaving mess around just "so you can have something to test it with when it ships" doesn't cut it with your significant other.