Breakfast Club: We love guilds

After an entire year of Breakfast topic posts, thousands of comments and some spirited conversations, we thought it would be a good idea to round up the best of the best Breakfast Topics for your perusal this week as you pretend to work and watch the clock.

While there has been no shortage of interesting subjects and comments, my favorite Breakfast Topics usually revolve around the social aspects of WoW. And what brings us all together with a group of like minded folks? Guilds!

  • Guild names are sometimes a point of pride, sometimes aim to make a statement, and are sometimes just funny. This Breakfast Topic brought the more amusing guild names of the year to the forefront. Some of my favorites from the comments include: Newb Orc Gankees, Holy Gnoman Empire and Sez Pull My Finger.

  • And when guilds aren't going for a funny name, or a creative name, they go for the always popular generic, over-used name. Heroes of the Alliance? Knights of the Alliance? Champions of the Horde? Hmmm...they really went out of their way there, didn't they? I can't complain, as I was in Lethal Alliance for a good long while, and if that isn't generic, I don't know what is.

  • Finally, when people aren't trying to name their guilds, they are thinking about joining one. How exactly does one go about doing that? Some of the comments from our readers really lay out some good strategies for finding the perfect home.

And hey...this is a Breakfast Topic in itself! So feel free to let us know any recent good guild names, totally over-used trash or some helpful guild-hunting tips!