Three hundred days played

I honestly don't know how many days played I have across all my toons. Maybe around 130 or so? Probably more than that, and definitely more than I'd care to admit over dinner with my family next week. But certainly less than 200. And absolutely nowhere near 300.

According to this thread
, Stian, from the Destromath realm, has over 300 days played. The odd thing is, it took him a little over 40 days to reach level 60. That seems like a long time for the 1-60 grind. Maybe he spent a lot of time camping the Auction House while at work which contributed to his long days played to 60, and his rather notable days played. As you can imagine, the forum trolls were less than kind:

  • Monkyman from Uldum claims that Stian pulled a Homer Simpson and had one of those little bobbing bird things hitting his keyboard to keep the toon logged into the game 24-7.

  • Plenty of folks declared Stian to have absolutely no life. This response should be in the Forum Trolling for Beginners handbook.

  • Another smaller group then defended him against the "haters". This response would be in the Advanced Forum Trolling 101 textbook.

  • Many folks noticed that he has nine ranks of starfire on his hotbar.

  • Finally, Taranis from Cho'Gall breaks out the South Park staple "How can you kill, that which has no life?"

I am not the kind of guy to judge, afterall, I write for a WoW blog, but 300 days played just seems excessive. Maybe he spent a lot of time AFK, or camps the auction house. I just can't believe he physically sat at his keyboard and played one character for 300 days over the course of two years.

What do you guys think? Did he pad his days played? And if he did, why in the world would he want to do that? Or is he simply the poster child for WoW addicts everywhere?