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SplitFish's EdgeFX controller brings PC-style input to the console

The evolution of input devices for gaming consoles has certainly been interesting to follow: from Atari's paddles and joysticks to Nintendo's classic NES controller to the modern million-button joypads which delight children and confuse adults, developers are forever seeking ways to increase both the functionality and ergonomics of these peripherals. Well even though today's DualShock and Xbox gamepads are widely praised for their comfort and control, PC gamers still seem to prefer the old keyboard and mouse combo for maximum versatility and fragability (is that even a word?). Fully aware that there will always be folks who enjoy aiming their weapons with a mouse instead of an analog stick, SplitFish -- of MotionFX and DualFX fame -- has just released a new product that attempts to bring PC-style input to Sony's PlayStation 2. The EdgeFX is a two-part system composed of a rumble mouse sporting the standard geometrical buttons and a nunchuck-like wired attachment that contains a D-pad and single thumbstick. Probably the main appeal of this innovative controller is a dedicated "focus" button which adjusts mouse sensitivity on the fly so that you can aim with precision and still swing around wildly when you're surveying the field of play. Available immediately from GameStop for $70, the EdgeFX only supports PS2 for the time being, but SplitFish claims that a PS3 version is in the works and even 360 may "get in the game" if there's adequate interest.

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