VTech announces Internet-connected cordless phones

VTech's trotted out a pair of Internet-connected phones today in anticipation of the full unveiling at CES in January, although if you think "Internet-connected" means VoIP, you may be somewhat disappointed. These are strictly landline phones, albeit tricked out with some nifty Internet-assisted features. The ip8300 infoPhone (on the left above) is a standalone unit, using an Internet portal service from Casabi to pull information like news, weather, and horoscopes off the Net and directly onto your handset, viewable on the phone's color LCD. The phone itself uses DECT 6.0 technology so it won't interfere with your WiFi router or other wireless devices, with the phone's base station capable of supporting up to five handsets. VTech's wf6972 Wi-Fi phone takes a slightly different route to get on the Internet, using (as it's name suggests) your existing WiFi network to pull information collected from an application running on your PC (Windows-only, it seems). Look for the ip8300 to be available in March for $129.95 (and $49.95 for each additional handset), with the wf6972 landing shortly thereafter in April for $179.95, with each extra handset (up to 16 of 'em) running you $79.95.

[Via TG Daily]