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Microsoft reiterates interest in Zune gaming

It's a long way from a portable Xbox (others' bestefforts notwithstanding) but it looks like Microsoft has at least one form of portable gaming in mind if this latest word from the company's European Chief Chris Lewis is any indication. Commenting on the Zune's potential game playing abilities in an interview with, he says that "gaming is certainly something we're considering for the device." Unfortunately, that's about all he said on the subject, although if we had to guess, we'd expect the games to be more in line with the iPod's offerings than a shrunken-down version of Gears of War. Some form of Xbox 360 connectivity would seem to be a definite possibility, however, given that it's already able to share other content with the console. It also seems likely that this won't be the full extent of Microsoft's foray into portable gaming, in light of some of the earlier indications we've heard.

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