Record labels rub it in, sue

Despite our occasional disregard for intellectual property rights and junk like that, mixed with our general dislike for the "screw the artists" ethics of the RIAA, it's hard to argue with the illegality of Plus, with with the blatant lawlessness of its operations possibly even keeping Russia out of the WTO, it seems like Russia has plenty of incentive to shore up this operation, and apparently they're attempting to do just that. That's why we're a bit surprised to see a group of labels finally filing an actual lawsuit against AllOfMP3, since they've already pretty much won: Visa and MasterCard are disallowing payments to the service, and most international governments are on their side. Plus, the lawsuit is being filed in New York, which, at least the last time we checked, didn't have a whole lot of legal authority over in Russia. All the same, you've gotta give up respect for the labels' systematic and brutal defense of their aging business model -- at least they're hardcore about it.

[Via Techdirt]