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MojoPlay's MP-920XB LCD lets Xbox 360 air its own view

MojoPlay's MP-920XB LCD lets Xbox 360 air its own view
Conrad Quilty-Harper
Conrad Quilty-Harper|December 22, 2006 8:32 PM
Ever since Sony's PSone popularized the concept of game consoles with an LCD screen on top, third party manufacturers have rushed to produce copy-cat devices for each and every console under the sun. The Xbox 360 is no exception to this rule, with JoyTech bagging the prize for being the first to make the Xbox 360 "portable", and our crafty in-house modder Ben Heckendorn undeniably creating the most effective solution with the Xbox 360 laptop. If you drew a line between these former efforts, MojoPlay's 9.2-inch, 800 x 640, MP-920XB Gaming LCD would be somewhere in the middle: it beats the JoyTech in the style and price departments, and even though the Xbox 360 laptop looks way cooler in comparison, the fact that more than one MP-920XB exists makes the decision moot. Don't worry about the problem of cooling either, because MojoPlay has seen fit to make the casing just wide enough so that it doesn't cover the cooling vents on the side of the console. MojoPlay's website says the MP-920XB should be coming soon (i.e. sometime next year) and sites are reporting that it should sell at $170. We'll leave you to go count your pennies.

[Via jkOnTheRun]