Outland Research patents "smart soles" for adjustable shoes

Now if they could only figure out Power Lacing Technology. California-based Outland Research has recently received a patent for its new sports shoe tech that allows for adjustable cushioning. The shoe features multiple hollow bladders, which are connected by a series of tubes (just like the internet) and contain some spiffy electrically-activated liquid. When a charge is applied, the liquid hardens, changing from a free-flowing cushion to a stiff foot support for running or jogging. The change can be activated by a knob on the shoe, via Bluetooth, or even potentially by a shock sensor in the shoe itself, which could adjust firmness on the fly. Changes in the liquid take only a few milliseconds, so the shoe could even potentially adjust stiffness step to step. No word yet on any commercial takers just yet.

[Via Smart Mobs]