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iPod building, as envisioned by 3D architecture firm

iPod building, as envisioned by 3D architecture firm
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|December 25, 2006 5:51 PM

Let's all admit to ourselves that love or hate the iPod, we're pretty damned curious to know what the iPod building from last week will look like. We still don't know for sure what shape it'll take, but our pals over at Archpartners, an 3D architecture rendering firm in Boston (that has no affiliation, as far as we know, to the designing firm James Law Cybertecture International), did a little mocking up of what form they think Dubai's latest tower could take. We'd just like to take this chance to remind Omniyat Properties to get it done fast -- you're up against a dude named Crazy John in the race to build the world's largest monument to consumer electronics nerdom.
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