Best Buy's $15,000 ConnectedLife.Home in a box

Sure, a fully connected house with the ability to control things like the TV, lights and thermostat remotely sounds great, but at the end of the day someone's got to hook all of that stuff up, and it's not going to be us. Best Buy recently announced its plans to step in with a $15,000 one-size-fits-all solution, including Media PC, Xbox 360, wireless cameras, light switches and other equipment. Dubbed ConnectedLife.Home, the package doesn't require new wiring, thanks to Corinex's AnyWire Powerline Ethernet technology. Best Buy doesn't install the lighting equipment and wiring, but once the high voltage bits are in, an installer comes to connect and configure your existing A/V setup, and then train you on how to use it. Whole home integration is a buzzword we can expect to see gain more steam at CES and beyond, but it remains to be seen if Best Buy can convince the mass market that this is a better option than paying the kid down the street $15 to flip the HD switch on their new Xbox 360.