Samsung F300 Ultra Music reviewed

Thanks to a bizarre dual-sided form factor, Samsung's F300 candybar is a phone we've been anxious to see a lot more of. Mobile-review, purveyors of some of the most... uh, extreme reviews in the business, gave the F300 a thorough rundown -- and as we sorta expected, it turns out to be a handset of many compromises. Samsung's done everything they can with the microscopic display on the "phone" side of the device, blessing it with color and high resolution; sadly, it still makes simple tasks like texting a challenge and makes others, like WAP browsing, impossible. Flipping it over to reveal the "music" side, Mobile-review found that the multimedia functionality wasn't really enhanced over any other recent Samsungs with music players, despite the "Ultra Music" label and dedicated music player appearance. Bottom line? The two-sided concept might yet hold water, but the F300 is stuck firmly in early adopter territory.

[Thanks, Jason K.]