eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power debuting at CES next month

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|12.27.06

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eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power debuting at CES next month
Looks like Fulton Innovation is getting ready to introduce a new system called "eCoupled" at CES next month that uses inductive coupling to wirelessly charge gadgets. We've been hearing about wireless charging solutions for gadgets for, well, years now (remember Splashpower?), so we wouldn't be surprised to see 2007 come and go with us charging all of our damn gadgets the old fashioned way, but Fulton has lined up some serious partners, including Visteon, Motorola, Mobility Electronics, and Herman Miller (they make office furniture). Their press release today is a little light on specifics, like when we'll actually be able to buy eCoupled-enabled gadgets, but presumably they're saving all that for CES.
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