Neuros OSD gets reviewed

If you're the type who has thoroughly enjoyed the bevy of recent DIY ideas to come our way, then you're likely to be one of the few who actually dig the Neuros OSD. According to LinuxLookup, the open-sourced entertainment box sounded like a dream come true, but after running it through a good bit of testing (and pulling out a few hairs), there's apparently still a long ways to go. While the overall design, purpose, and initial setup were all highly praised areas, the actual usability was hampered by the inability to get the device to function with the source tree that the reviewer built. Essentially, the tweaking that is supposed to be relatively easy (and make this unit so special) isn't exactly straightforward, and it was suggested that most amateur users will lose patience with the thing before they ever realize its full potential. Additionally, the reviewer could only record 4:3 content, resulting in awful picture quality on a 37-inch widescreen TV, but providing decent playback on the PC's monitor. Overall, it was deemed a tool that could be incredible if developers take the time to work out the kinks and figure out how to extract all of its bottled-up greatness, but generally speaking, the average user would find little to love here once things got frustrating, so we'd recommend holding off unless you just adore being challenged.

[Via Slashdot]