This week's overblown privacy scare, courtesy of RFID tires

Alright, everybody panic: they can track us through our tires! Just like how all those nefarious nasties have been stalking our women and children via Nike+iPod, it turns out the new RFID-based pressure gauges in our tires can be turned against us for tracking purposes by the evil hax0rs. Of course, with the kind of range available to RFID, if you're close enough to a car to track it via RFID, you can probably see it with your eyeballs, and data collected by stationary RFID sensors to track the comings and goings of such compromised vehicles seems to be of minimal use, but that doesn't mean we can't get our panties all in a wad and start screaming bloody murder about privacy and stuff. But in all seriousness, would it really hurt to put a bit more encryption on these things?

[Via Techdirt]