Winners of Engadget's Halloween Costume Contest!

We know it's a little late to be talking about this year's Halloween, and we didn't mean to keep everybody in suspense any longer over our annual costume contest. So we've finally tabulated our results; click on to check out the winners and costume gallery!

First place

Eric V's Pac-Man costume! Seriously, who would have thought the top to positions would be taken by Pac-Man costumes? We had to give it to Eric though; unlike second place, he actually fit inside his costume (instead of strapping it on), and while his build quality wasn't as impressive, dude did hand-craft his own arcade joystiq and hook that up to his laptop. Mad props Eric, we hope you like your new Vidabox SLIM home theater PC!

Second place

Russ L also made a helluva Pac-Man costume, right down to the arcade cabinet change box decal and fake keys. Nicely done, Russ, we bow before your cab-building skills. Care to build Engadget a sweet MAME box for HQ? Well, even if not you're walking away with an unlocked Motorola PEBL. More here and here.

Third place

A tie! Kristof E.'s mech suit is so insane we don't even really know what to make of it. Bonus points for looking a little like Tommy Lee Jones, too. Third place with a bullet! (Pun intended.) He'll snag an HP Photosmart E317 digital camera.

The other third place winner...

Joe M's working original Game Boy, complete with yellowy-tinted LCD! Hod damn that brings us back. Joe's gonna walk with a set of V-Moda Remix m-class headphones, and a wireless Xbox 360 headset. Nice job, dude!

Ok, now click on to see higher res versions of the winners and the rest of the costume contest gallery!