Alvarion launches WiFi / WiMAX-enabled BreezeMAX lineup

Being that Intel's gone and released WiMAX / WiFi hybrid chips, it's only right that we start seeing a few svelte pieces of kit hit the mainstream in order to take full advantage. For those of us not lucky enough to board British trains loaded with such niceties, Alvarion is launching a new branch of BreezeMAX products to take advantage of WiMAX where available. Marketed specifically towards carriers looking to "capture additional revenues while moving towards advanced personal broadband services," the BreezeMAX WI2 (along with the BreezeACCESS WI2) purportedly provide a "powerful converged network" that combines the lovability of WiFi with the novelty of WiMAX. Each WI2 setup consists of an outdoor WiFi access point with an integrated power module capable of connecting to various commercial power sources, as well as the ability to sync with the company's backhaul units for "network management" tasks. We're not certain how much coinage Alvarion plans on charging for these integrated units, but each step we take towards worldwidewirelesscoverage is worth every red cent.

[Via TheWirelessReport]