I-O Data unveils internal / external Vista-approved TV tuners

In a bid to become one of the first in what's sure to be a mile-long list, I-O Data is launching two new TV tuners that tout Windows Vista compatibility. Making sure that both laptop and desktop owners alike are satisfied, the firm has released both a PCI flavor (GV-MC/RX3) and an external edition (GV-MC/TZ), but both units handle essentially the same capturing and channeling duties, save for the RX3's handy coaxial input, of course. Both units feature S-Video / composite inputs, 10-bit DACs, noise reduction capabilities, and the assurance of functioning perfectly in Microsoft's forthcoming operating system. Optionally, the couch-dwellers out there can spring for the IR remote kit (¥4,230; $36), which provides your standard volume, channel, and playback controls, as well as a few "Media Center-centric" buttons to keep your PVR on track. Both tuners / converters are slated to hit shelves in "late January" to coincide with that looming OS release date, and while the RX3 will run you ¥12,500 ($105), the TZ will demand ¥14,600 ($123).

[Via Impress]