Program your Robosapien with new Go-Robo software

Omar McFarlane
O. McFarlane|12.28.06

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Omar McFarlane
December 28th, 2006
Program  your Robosapien with new Go-Robo software
Q4 Technologies, a software company previously known for its gridmagic art package, is working on software to control Wowwee devices. Go-Robo, currently in beta, allows users to write commands for their Robosapien or similar device using either a graphical "building block" interface -- for novices -- or by employing GRIDscript, which is a proprietary programming language for advanced users. As it stands, the software allows you to control up six robots simultaneously via a user-supplied IR transmitter; hardly enough for you to wage that robotic uprising you've been planning, but it's a start. The full version is expected to be available by spring time next year.

[Via Robot Gossip]
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