TomTom, Garmin both claim victory in US lawsuit

It looks like one round in the ongoing tusslebetweenTomTom and Garmin has kind of, sort of drawn to a close, with a judge issuing a verdict in one of the two lawsuits filed over the past year in the US -- although that hasn't stopped both sides from claiming some form of victory. In this suit, US District Judge Barbara B. Crabb reportedly found that all five Garmin patents alleged to have been violated by TomTom are either invalid or were not in fact infinged upon by TomTom. That would seem to put an end to things (in this case, at least), but Garmin's still sticking to its guns, claiming that it has won a "complete victory on TomTom patents" and is apparently planning further litigation against the Dutch company. For the time being, however, it looks like the lawsuit filed in Texas will be the main attraction this side of the Atlantic, although those across the pond still have a ringside seat of their own, with the TomTom/Garmin battle in The Hague still unresolved.