Ubukata offers up compact smoke / earthquake detector

While we've seen detectors from nearly everyangle imaginable, Ubukata Industries Co. is helping us all to consolidate just a bit by cramming two of the most important sensors into a single, compact device. The multi-tasking earthquake detector and alarm comes in a variety of colors and is compact enough to mount on a ceiling without drawing too much unwanted attention, and it also features built-in lighting to brighten your way in case you lose power. Furthermore, this gizmo sniffs out unpleasant drafts of smoke and feels the rumbles of earthquakes with magnitudes of five or higher, setting off a presumably piercing alarm to let you know something's going down. Of course, the price of a twofer doesn't run cheap, as this two-in-one emergency mainstay demands ¥14,700 ($124). [Warning: PDF link]

[Via I4U]