Dell updates 2007WFP LCD, forgets to tell anyone?

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We've got a bit of an awkward one here. Dell has apparently redesigned its 2007WFP 20.1-inch LCD display, but other than a single image on the product page, there's no other mention of the refresh. The changes aren't minor either, including a complete redesign of the display -- we're thinking for the worse, but we'll leave that up to you -- along with the addition of a 9 -in-2 card reader and a fancy new set of component plugs. Unfortunately, there's no real telling if this is just a case of the web team jumping the gun, and you'll end up getting the old version if you order right now. The updates do make sense in light of that cutthroat-priced E207WFP, but we just wish Dell would be a bit more forthcoming about the whole thing.

[Via [H]ard|Forum; thanks to everyone who sent this in]
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