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Official hidden Wii pages revealed [update 1]

Blake Snow

Several official hidden Wii pages have surfaced on with some new tidbits of information, though nothing major like a launch date and price. Regardless, this is what is being speculated:

  • Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and Super Smash Bros will be playable online (as expected)
  • Wii will use controversial (non-friendly) friend-code system for online play
  • More Wii Party games including Wii Music on the way?
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi to remain free (as expected)
Looks like some web developer forgot to develop off-site and use Lorum Ipsum. Bad for him. Good for us.

Read - alternate software page.

[Thanks, Brian; via Go Nintendo]

[update 1: It looks like all the pages except Wii party games have all gone the way of 404 and disappeared.]

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