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Grado Labs releases $49 iGrado headphones

Darren Murph

We can't say we blame the company for trying to get some while the getting's good, and Grado certainly isn't the first high-end headphone producer to cater to the iMarket. Still, it is a tad strange to see the lux brand out of character as they are here. Their normal offerings range from $69 to over $1,000, but their new iGrado "streetstyle" headphones wrap around the rear of your head, presumably to appeal to trendy youngsters, but even at $49 still manage to use the same drivers as the well-respected SR60. The design is most likely tailored for portable use, but it's impossible to ignore the undeniable "Grado look" that somehow managed to stay in tact. Described as "the high-end sound in the low-end market," the iGrado should be available in September, and if you can appreciate the style, looks to be a solid offering for the money.

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