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Sony, Ericsson aim for TV on mobiles by 2008

Cyrus Farivar

While Sony's been dealing with exploding batteries, PS3 craziness and now a recall for some Cyber-shot cams, the Japanese behemoth's handset division is trying to expand into the mobile television sector by partnering with Ericsson. Already the two form a significant presence in cellphones with the Sony Ericsson brand, and they hope to continue that with television as well. Per Nordlof, Ericsson's director of Product Strategy, said at a press conference in Stockholm on Thursday that a third of the world's mobile phone users will be watching TV on their handsets on a regular basis by 2008 -- something the folks at Qualcomm and others are thinking, too, with MediaFLO and the like. According to The Associated Press, the corporate duo is also working on a way to send clips from your living room's TV directly to a handset. Of course, if you don't want to wait until 2008, you could just buy a Slingbox or a Sony LVTV Box right now for the same effect.

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