Sony to recall eight defective Cyber-shot models

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|11.24.06

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Sony to recall eight defective Cyber-shot models
If there's any company that's anxious for this year to end, it must be Sony. After being faced with PS3 shortages (and subsequent insanity) not to mention that whole exploding batteries thing, we've just woken up on Black Friday to the news that Sony will be recalling eight Cyber-shot models due to a defect in their LCDs. Sony apparently says that the problem, found in an unknown number of cameras sold worldwide between September 2003 and January 2005, is "caused by a glitch with the image sensor." But don't think that you'll automatically be getting a new shooter: Sony'll only be repairing models DSC-F88, DSC-M1 (pictured), DSC-T1, DSC-T11, DSC-T3, DSC-T33, DSC-U40 and DSC-U50, which show signs of the problem.

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