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LG KU950 does DVB-H for Vodafone

Chris Ziegler

Vodafone already has a partnership with the UK's Sky TV to bring live television to handsets via 3G data; it must be going pretty well, seeing how this here LG KU950 will apparently be one of the first handsets to bring Sky to Voda customers via DVB-H. Unlike UMTS, DVB-H is a downlink-only technology, suggesting that Vodafone might be a bit... shall we say, concerned at the long-term implications of customers getting their TV fix via the traditional data pipes. We don't have any solid details on the KU950, but the pivoting slider features a front-facing cam (meaning 3G is a sure thing), the screen apparently clocks in at a TV-friendly 2.4 inches, and it'll apparently run €99 when it hits next year -- not a bad first foray into the brave new world of digital mobile TV for Vodafone, if we do say so ourselves.

[Thanks, Tony]

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