Autonet Mobile, the first ISP for your car

Ryan Block
R. Block|01.02.07

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We always kind of thought it went without saying that the ISP we took with us in our car was whichever network powered our EV-DO or UMTS / HSDPA card -- well, not anymore. At least not according to Autonet Mobile, a new company claiming to be the first car-ISP; that is to say, Autonet is only concerned with getting your car (and the devices in it) online (although we really don't see why you couldn't just use one of these as an in-home backup connection). The Autonet wireless unit, which will run for $399, serves up the in-car WiFi using what they're claiming is Verizon's any EV-DO and/or HSDPA network; at the outset they claim Autonet will provide service on up to 95 percent of US roads for $50 a month when it's launched this spring on AVIS and for consumers. Eyes on the road, people!

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